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MANUFUTURE 2007 Conference will take place in Portugal

MANUFUTURE 2007 Conference - Constructing a Sustainably Competitive Europe, will take place on the 2nd and 4th of December in Porto, Portugal.

The event starts on the 2nd December 2007, with a welcome cocktail at 20h00 and ends with a farewell lunch on the 4th December 2007.

Promoted by the MANUFUTURE PLATFORM, the main objective of this 5th annual event is to debate the future of the European manufacturing industry and the conditions for its sustained development, with a special emphasis on the investment in research and development and in the upgrading of human resources.

The previous editions of the Conference have been held in Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Finland, attracting around 400 participants from nearly all European countries, including industry, academia and policy makers, as well as internationally prominent speakers. The participation in the conference is free, but by invitation only. Travel and accommodation costs are supported by the participants.

This year’s Conference, which will be part of the European Union Portuguese Presidency, will focus on:

  • The framework conditions that influence investment in research, development and innovation and their transformation in competitive advantages for manufacturing companies.

  • The science and technology areas which are determinant for the competitiveness of European manufacturing.

  • The analysis of the first phase of the EU 7th Framework Program execution and outline of future actions.